Sunday, June 10, 2007


One of the things I need to be prepared for is the inevitable question of "Why?" when close friends and family learn that I'm pursuing Freemasonry. I don't foresee anyone having a "secret cabal freakout", but I would certainly be the first Mason in my family in many, many years. My maternal grandfather's father was a Mason as was a paternal ancestor, but those factoids have never had any real significance attached to them within my immediate family.

Of course, I can only give partially-informed answers at this point. I will trot out the usual "Making good men better" tagline, but I will also not shy away from the fraternal appeal. What has gotten me excited and interested enough to pursue this are the many excellent voices I have found online: Intelligent men who clearly spend a lot of time thinking, who are courteous, civil, and well-spoken.

Where else can a person find that these days?

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