Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chronology Clarified

After poking around hither and yon online, I believe I've found a bit more clarity on the orders of the next steps regarding my application. I was confused by different accounts in different regions, and perhaps also by terms being either mixed up, or having different meanings in different places.
  1. Tonight (the lodge's stated meeting): My petition will be read
  2. Later this month, or first thing in September: I'll talk with the investigative committee
  3. September's stated meeting: The committee's findings will be presented, and my petition will be voted on.
So, that's looking like October before I will actually be initiated, assuming the committee's findings are good and nobody's agin me.

4 months will be past before I know it, although I'll be much less distracted once I find out when I'll be meeting with the committee. Basically, once anything I can participate in between now and my Entered Apprentice degree is done, I will be able to set the whole business aside much more easily. My participation here will probably drop off for a while, though.

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