Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Better Get Used to It

I watched an episode of Cities of the Underworld last night called Freemason Underworld. Normally the show spends an entire episode in a given city, but this one covered points of interest in both Philadelphia and Boston, using the Freemasons as a tenuous link between all of the sites that they visited.

I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the 30 second ad... spooky half-truths and American revolution conspiracies. (A bunch of Freemasons were key figures in the revolution, ergo the revolution was PLANNED BY THE FREEMASONS.)

I wasn't disappointed! I should have turned the thing off about a minute in, when the host/narrator said something to the effect of "Little is known about the mysterious secret society." If my copy of Freemasons for Dummies had been handy I probably would have thrown it at the TV.

They did go to the trouble of interviewing Right Worshipful Ronald Aungst, Grand Master of Pennsylvania, but only used enough footage of him explaining why the degree rituals are kept secret to make it seem like the Masons must still be hiding something.


If I'm going to be a Mason I had better get used to such claptrap. Fortunately, I developed good claptrap-putting-up-with skills as an elementary and junior high school nerd.


Pierre Sogol said...

You'll laugh/growl even harder at this sort of thing once you're in.

Chris Hodapp said...

If you must throw something at the TV set, I'd like to suggest The Complete Idiots Guide To Freemasonry instead.

Just sayin'.