Thursday, June 7, 2007

Foregone Conclusion?

As conflicted as I have sounded these last couple of posts, I am starting to feel as though I have made up my mind to try and join the Masons, and that it's now a matter of working up the nerve to talk to my neighbor and contact a lodge. Or two lodges.

There is a lodge about 7 miles away that would be the logical one to join, in terms of convenience and community... my only reservation is that it is in a classic Massachusetts mill town fallen on hard times, and furthermore I understand that it has just merged with the lodge from a neighboring town - If numbers are that far down in that neck of the woods, I have to wonder how vital of an institution it is. While I am prepared to be among the youngest members of a lodge, I don't think I want to be the only young member. This is all of course neither here nor there, just a scenario I'm inventing to psych myself out of taking the next step. I may very well meet members of that lodge and discover like-minded, young people breathing new life into the institution.

The next closest lodge is twice as far away, but in a vibrant college town... and I can't help but think the membership might be more lively, younger, and progressive (whatever I think that means. I really don't know.)

No reason not to approach both.

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