Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heebie Jeebies

While I await further communication from the lodge, I've been passing the time by continuing to poke around online for information and different perspectives on Freemasonry. I tried searching for 'Freemasonry' on, and the majority of the results are of the "Those Freemasons are up to no good" variety, from the relatively casual ("Their buildings always look like no one's in them and all the windows are bricked up, what's up with that") to the extreme ("They're Satanists! If you're a Mason and you deny my statements, it's because you're not at a high enough level to know the TRUTH that I somehow know!").

I inadvertently followed a link to one such conspiracy site, and stayed long enough to read about how Kelly Clarkson is suspect because her logo looks like the Shriners' logo turned on its side (And the Shriners are a "higher level" of Masons, don'tcha know), and the Simpsons is full of hidden Masonic messages. (Why? Because Grampa buys a Fez in one episode. And don't let the Stonecutters parody fool you, it's all very sinister and suspicious too). Real tinfoil hat stuff -- you can practically feel the flecks of feverish spittle hitting your face as you read it. It's so over the top that it could conceivably be a parody, but if so the author is keeping an awfully straight face.

Just now, as I went to find a link to an article about the recent murder of a Milwaukee man by his paranoid neighbor, I came across another flecks-of-spittle weblog, this one by a self-proclaimed fundamentalist Freemason. It makes my skin crawl in equal measure.

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