Sunday, August 5, 2007

First Contact

I just received a phone call from the head of the Investigative Committee, who is in the process of finding a time convenient for everyone to meet, possibly as soon as this week. I'll be meeting the committee at the lodge as opposed to them coming here. A bit of a shame, really, since we just did some fairly extensive housekeeping a couple of days ago!

As with job interviews, I think I know the answer to this question, but I'm going to pose it to any Masons that happen to be reading this anyway: Will I be totally over-dressing if I show up in a sports jacket and tie? When I first went to the lodge back in June, my oxford shirt and khakis were dressy compared to what the brothers I met were wearing.

I'll go ahead and answer myself: although I might feel over-dressed, I can't imagine any interview situation where a person could be too overdressed, unless perhaps one showed up in a tuxedo.

This is exciting - I have gotten over the worst of the impatience I was feeling right after submitting my petition, but as the summer starts to wind down my thoughts have been returning to Freemasonry.

Addendum (2007-08-06)
Tomorrow evening it is! And to further answer my own question, I imagine that the formality of the investigative committee experience varies widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, just like the rest of the Freemasonry experience. Those vernacular variations are one of the most interesting things about Freemasonry... and I'm sure sometimes they're one of the most frustrating things too.

One thing that has occurred to me is that if the committee were coming to my house, I certainly wouldn't greet them in a jacket and tie. I will probably go the oxford-and-khakis route again.

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