Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gone Dark

As predicted, I haven't had much to say around here while I wait to be contacted by the investigative committee.

Another factor that has contributed to my relative quiet is the Moleskine pocket journal I bought about a month ago, and have been using as a basic, old fashioned, more-or-less daily journal... an exercise that for some reason felt stranger than maintaining a weblog for the first week or so.

I got over that fairly quickly, and have already gone on to buy a Lamy Vista fountain pen to write with. The act of writing is quite pleasant and altogether different than sitting at a keyboard and typing. Once you put aside conceits about your "audience" and acknowledge that your audience is really yourself (and maybe curious future descendants,) you are free to jot down whatever's on your mind without having the luxury of changing words or sentences here or there, or worrying if it's profound enough to share with the anonymous public.

I'm sure I'll have more public thoughts once the application process starts back up in September, though.

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