Sunday, September 23, 2007

Masonic Hall, New York City

As promised, here are my other photos from the Grand Lodge of New York at 71 W 23rd Street in New York City. (pseudo-anonymity be damned!)

Grand Lodge of New YorkLobbyMuralFiat LuxEmpire Room - EastEmpire Room - WestGothic Room WindowGothic RoomHallwayChapter Room - 1Chapter Room - 2Chapter Room - 3Chapter Room - 4Chapter Room - 5Chapter Room - 6Chapter Room - 7Chapter Room - 8French Ionic Room - 1French Ionic Room - 2WashingtonColonial Room - 1Colonial Room - 2Colonial Room - 3Colonial Room - 4Sterling SilverJacobian Room - 1Jacobian Room - 2Jacobian Room - 3Jacobian Room - 4Jacobian Room - Master's ChairDoric Room - 1Doric Room - 2Ionic Room - 1Ionic Room - 2Ionic Room - 3Renaissance Room - 1Renaissance Room - 2Renaissance Room - 3Renaissance Room - 4Renaissance Room - 5Newell PostsHollender Room - 1Hollender Room - Washington StatueHollender Room - 3Trompe L'OeilStairwellSkylightStairwellHall and StairsGrand Lodge Room - OrganGrand Lodge Room - 2Grand Lodge Room - 3


Wayfaring Man said...

Fantastic images! Thanks for the look. I will be a regular subscriber now... You should enroll on King Solomon's Lodge blog roll so that we can all see when you post something new.

Masonic Traveler said...

Wow, this is a great post. The west coast is so lacking in older architecture. The pics came out really good too!

A.C. said...

Thanks for the suggestion, wayfaring man - I had been holding off on adding this blog to King Solomon's Lodge until I'm actually a Mason, but I just went ahead and threw my hat in the ring anyway. :)

Greg, I lived in Sherman Oaks for six years, so I know where you're coming from! (And yet the whole time I lived in the Valley, I never once noticed Hollywood Lodge while driving along Ventura boulevard!)

There are pockets of old stuff if you know where to look - I wonder what the oldest lodge building still in use in SoCal is.

Thanks for the nice comments!