Sunday, September 9, 2007


I received an e-mail from the lodge Secretary this morning, telling me that my petition will be voted on Thursday and, without so much as a qualifying "if you're accepted," that my first degree will be the following Monday.

The only problem is that I'm going to be in New York City that night! I called the Secretary back to let him know, and he reassured me that it's no problem... however, I may wind up taking my first degree at another lodge in the district rather than at my mother lodge. That's a bummer, especially since there are several other new members being inducted that night! I would have preferred to meet and share the experience with them, in the presence of the half dozen brothers I've already met from the lodge.

The waiting I can stand, though... I hadn't expected to take the first degree until October anyway! I don't know what the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts' constitution says about the minimum time that must elapse between degrees - I hope that I am able to get back on schedule with the other new members for the second and third.

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