Friday, October 24, 2008

Dust off your Forget-me-not lapel pins, Brothers

Though there are those who will take what I am about to say as political, I am not posting it out of any partisan motives; if this Huffington Post article, "Sarah Palin Linked to Second Witch Hunter" came from Fox News and was about Joe Biden I would be telling you not to vote for Barack Obama.

But it's about Sarah Palin, so I am urging all of my Brothers not to vote for McCain/Palin. If you can't endorse any other candidate, then please just don't vote at all. Seriously. Why? From the article:

One of Palin's two witch hunters has publicly stated, in a July 13, 2008 recorded address [see video, below], that Sarah Palin is in the Alaska "spiritual warfare" prayer network and thus Palin appears to be tied into to a U.S. and international "spiritual warfare" network, The Global Apostolic Prayer Network, which claims that a planetary-level demon spirit blocks prayers of Catholics from reaching Heaven and whose top members boast of possibly having helped kill Mother Theresa through prayer-warfare.

I would hope the outright craziness (not to mention creepiness) of this "prayer warriors killing Mother Theresa" business would be enough to convince any rational person not to vote Republican this year, but Masons may be especially interested in this other tidbit:

Global Apostolic Prayer Network leaders compare Catholicism to Freemasonry and have conducted prayer warfare which they claim may have helped to kill Mother Theresa. One top leader and apostle of this spiritual warfare movement endorses the activities of church-based Central American death squads.
Please, please, please - don't let anyone under the influence of these people anywhere near the White House.

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