Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good thoughts for W. Brother Theron Dunn

Call it prayer, call it "thinking positive thoughts," call it "sending good vibes" - whatever it is that you do, please do it for Brother Dunn.


Wayfaring Man said...

All good thoughts and prayers to Bro. T.D. - are there any updates?

A.C. said...

The latest updates seem to be happening at

as of yesterday at 7:09 PM (GMT?)

posted at NOS, from Jason Smith:

"Kari informed me that he has made it through the night. His oxygen saturation is still holding around 90.(this is good. They gave him the last of the medication (maxed out now) that they can give him for his blood pressure which had fallen back down to about 70 over 40. But I am very hopeful because he made it through the night. The medicine is the last that they can give him, let us pray that it is enough to get him through this critical period.!!!!!"