Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me - 1, Driveway - 0

We enjoyed about 36 hours of particulary craptastic weather here on Tuesday and Wednesday, about 10 inches of snow followed by hours and hours of freezing rain. The crust on the snow is about an inch thick, heavy enough that the dogs can walk on it without punching through.

The topper is that the fellow who plows our driveway seems to have forgotten about us, and missed the window of opportunity to do anything before all the slush turned into ice.

A word about our driveway: It's long and steep, and it gets no sunlight at all. The hill slopes away on one side, so if you're not careful (or if you're slip-sliding your way down it backwards) you'll find yourself on the middle of a hill among the trees.

Fortunately, I have a good-sized 4-wheel drive truck. I need to get to the lodge tonight, and rather than trying frantically to escape the driveway in the nick of time later, I opted to spend most of my lunch trying to get the truck down to the bottom of the drive for easy egress this evening.

I only came close to getting stuck once, at which point I gunned it and rolled smoothly out into the road.

I am very much looking forward to our new driveway, which is flat and considerably shorter.

Postscript, 5:38 PM EST: It should be duly noted that our plow guy showed up around 4:30, and took care of our icy driveway as best he could - It's an unenviable task. Thanks C.!

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